Stand Up Paddling

Stand up paddling is a way of keeping your body in good form by exercising, getting out of the water, exploring, enjoying nature and finally having fun with friends. It is so unfortunate for those people who haven’t made an attempt to try to stand up paddling as they are in for a surprise because they are missing a lot. For those starting fitness exercises on water and have no skills, working out on stand up paddleboard would earn you more than you expect. If you are in or intending to cut the excess calories within your body, some of the best stand up paddle excise workout routine to follow includes:

Off-board SUP training

To avoid the embarrassment of toppling on water which will showcase you as an amateur, it is suitable to undertake some light exercises for a minute. Some of these exercises include; tandem balance, single arm pulls, dorsiflexion, arm &leg reach and finally squats. The above off board exercises helps you strengthen your muscles to endure the SUPping actions. The leg and arm excise help to minimize the number of times you fall off the board and also to give you an easier time of return.

Dry land SUP training

It is not necessary for you to be on the water to endorse the SUPping action. Dry land training prepares you psychologically before you can toes into the water for real activity. The dry training is based mainly carried at the gym involving weight lifting. It can be suitable and active to those who have already practiced weight lifting.

Creating a focused training plan

With a focused training program, one can be able to win every SUP race he/she gets involved into. If one is into supping activity with the aim of getting to the next level then having a training plan would best work with him/her. It is of less importance to those taking the activity for recreational purposes.

SUP training drills compiled by SUP velocity

Training drills compiled by SUP velocity are there to enhance the torque required and perfects ones paddling techniques. The paddling drills are there to offer basic instructions and after then, complicated techniques once one has grasped the basic foundation.

The SUP per bod routine

The routine entails slide show pictures with instructions written to guide one on every move taken. The sup exercise cover various parts of the body such as the legs, shoulders, arms, chest and thighs. They give information on which is the right board to pick for SUPping and how to get back after you have fallen off.